Reason behind growing EV owners in Singapore: YouGov Report


With electric vehicle (EV) ownership in Singapore growing rapidly, latest data from YouGov Profiles reveals factors influencing purchase intention and top brands in the minds of consumers. 

More than two-fifths of EV owners say ‘protecting the environment’ would be one of their reasons for purchasing an electric car (44%), while around a quarter of EV owners say lower running costs and fuel costs for EVs, such as lower car tax, lower maintenance and battery charging costs, are a factor (28%).

Aspects of the driving experience – EVs offering a more silent ride (23%) and better acceleration compared to combustion engine vehicles (19%) – are the next most-cited reasons. 

Notably, factors relating to the long-term viability of EVs relative to combustion engine vehicles (12%) – such as future proofing against the decline of petrol and diesel as fuel sources, and the depreciation of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles in Singapore (8%) – are among the least-cited reasons. 

When EV owners were asked about car brands that they consider to be leaders in sustainability and environmentally friendly technology, American car brand Tesla came out tops with one in three convinced of their green credentials (34%).

BMW from Germany was chosen by a quarter of EV owners in Singapore (24%), while one in five acknowledged Japanese brand Honda (19%). More than one in seven EV owners in Singapore also indicated Mercedes-Benz (16%), Audi (15%) and Volvo (15%) as leaders in eco-friendly motoring technology.

Notably, BMW and Tesla are also the two car brands most considered to be leaders in general automotive innovation and technology, being acknowledged by a third of EV owners in Singapore (36% for Tesla, 37% for BMW).

Blog Received on Mail from YouGov


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