Rimini Street appoints veteran MS Jeff Spicer as CMO


Rimini Street, Inc. is a global provider of enterprise software products and services, third-party support for Oracle and SAP software products, and a major provider of services and a Salesforce partner.

The firm recently announced currently that it has appointed the technology marketing veteran Jeff Spicer to lead as executive vice president and chief marketing officer. As Chief Marketing Officer for Rimini Street, Spicer will lead the firm’s global marketing organization, responsible for the firm’s global marketing strategy, operations, brand management, digital assets, demand generation, marketing activities, and communications.

The firm also added that Spicer is a seasoned marketing veteran with more than 20 years of marketing experience and a track record of success, which will lead the company’s continued expansion in this new executive leadership role as Chief Marketing Officer at Rimini Street.

Spicer most recently has served as a Chief Marketing Officer at Yellowbrick Data. Prior to his joining Yellowbrick Data, he held marketing positions at Green Dot Corporation and IBM Analytics, IBM’s integrated analytics, database, and business intelligence division. Previously, Spicer served as VMWare’s Vice President of Digital, Brand, and Events Marketing. He also spent more than 14 years at Oracle, where he was eventually promoted to Vice President of Branding. Spicer has also previously held positions at Scient and Brightmail.

Gerard Brossard, Rimini Street Chief Operating Officer stated: “We are delighted to welcome Jeff to Rimini Street as Chief Marketing Officer and look forward to leveraging his talents and extensive experience in global marketing strategy and execution.”

Mr. Brossard adds on to his statement: “These invaluable experiences have been gained from the company’s marketing operations to the Fortune 500. Jeff has proven to be very adept at managing the brand and creative elements of marketing, as well as growth marketing, demand generation, strategic positioning, and Outstanding performance. He has begun leading our global marketing business in his new role, and I look forward to working with him to support the company’s multibillion-dollar annual revenue.”

Jeff Spicer commented on his appointment as CMO stating: “The enterprise software solutions business is a dynamic marketplace, and Rimini Street has been a disruptor and an innovator since its inception. I am excited to join a company that supports many of the largest and most innovative businesses around the world, the company’s growth prospects are very promising.”

Spicer adds on: “Rimini Street has a global total addressable market (TAM) and business opportunities worth more than $200 billion, and an expanded solution portfolio to help clients optimize, evolve, and transform operations. I am delighted to be in charge of promoting this trusted and established brand to a wider global institutional client base, helping the company’s sales performance to rise to the next level.”



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