SARC welcomes Dr. Jonathan Fletcher as Chief Scientific Officer


SARC (Sarcoma Alliance for Research Through Collaboration) had recently announced to welcome Dr. Jonathan Fletcher, M.D., to been elected for latest role of Chief Scientific Officer (CSO). The firm is a non-profit cancer research organization powering out a collaborative discovery, translational research, clinical trials in sarcoma, a form of cancer that influences children, adults.

Within the latest role as the firm’s CSO, Dr. Fletcher will be heading the progression of the SARCs commitments within the Sarcoma biology, discovery science, and biomarkers, paving way for boosting SARCs clinical trials portfolio. The firm also added further that, SARCs utmost priority would be for syncing state-of-the-art correlative science studies as well as for maximization, optimal utilization of clinical trial data-sharing with the scientific community to be improved.

Statement from Steven Young, President and Chief Executive Officer of SARC

Steven Young, President and Chief Executive Officer of SARC promptly commented on the Dr. Fletcher’s appointment stating out that, “Dr. Fletcher is an inspirational leader in sarcoma research and, apropos to this appointment, is widely recognized for his commitment to advancing the team science efforts which are so key to accelerating discoveries from the lab to the clinic.”

He further stated out pleasingly that, “SARC welcomes the opportunity to further deepen Dr. Fletcher’s hands-on engagement supporting our mission to convert sarcoma biologic discoveries into more effective treatments.”

Roles Held by Dr. Jonathan Fletcher, M.D.

Dr. Fletcher is a lab-based medical and paediatric oncologist at Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Dana Farber/Harvard Cancer Centre.

He is also trained in genetics. Dr. Fletcher also serves on the SARC Board of Directors and on its Scientific Steering, Career Development, and Discovery/Translation Committees.

Dr. Fletcher, will also additionally serve as chief spokesperson for SARC’s scientific strategy, shifting out the sarcoma science for diverse audiences like that of the NIH, patient advocates, sarcoma clinicians, SARC industry partners.

Statement from Dr. Fletcher, Chief Scientific Officer (CSO), SARC

Dr. Fletcher, Chief Scientific Officer (CSO), SARC, commented regarding his appointment stating that, “SARC fosters multi-institutional collaborations, providing expertise in clinical trials, biostatistics, and biospecimen processing.”

He further added out that, “We now aim to expand SARC’s commitment to discovery and translational sciences. One goal is to integrate more science in each SARC clinical trial, explaining why new therapies help some people and not others. This will enable us to refine the therapeutic approaches, helping more people and reducing needless treatment toxicity.”



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