SEO Specialist in London

When it comes to SEO, there are so many factors that influence if you’re going to be seen in search engines. Over the years we’ve seen individuals struggle greatly with trying to find the winning formula only to keep getting stuck at a brick wall.

An SEO specialist can remove the headache from trying to understand the intricate details by providing quick results so you can focus on the important stuff.

So let’s look at the different areas a specialist will focus on when improving your website’s SEO ability.

Improving your Website

Making sure your website is fully optimised is one of the most important checks that SEO specialists do, when seeing how to improve a website’s search engine position.

Website page loading speed is one such important measurement. If the website is too slow, this will encourage more visitors to leave the page due to waiting too long. If this happens too often, your search engine ranking will suffer as a result.

Finding keywords for success

When it comes to SEO, keywords play an important part. They help guide search engines which, in turn, directs searchers to find the information they need. However, keywords are highly sought after by well-established websites that Google will favour. So, how does the little guy win?

An SEO specialist can provide in-depth research around your niche to single out gaps where your website can thrive. A massive amount of competitor analysis is undergone to reach this stage. The result can leave you drawing a huge amount of organic traffic to the site that can turn into conversions.

Enhancing Content

Once keywords have been identified and correctly placed throughout the site, your conversions should dramatically rise. This is due to customers resonating with these words improving the chances of buying from the business.

An SEO specialist can format these for you. There is a fine line between using the keywords too few and too many times which is so crucial to the page ranking.

Too many – This will cause the page to be classed as a ‘keyword stuffer page’ and google and other search engines will rank it poorly.

Too few – Search engines will not know that the keyword term is relevant for the website page and won’t list it when searched by viewers.

Ensuring it’s Mobile Friendly

With almost 60% of google searches now coming from mobile devices, making mobile-friendly websites is a must. Non-optimised websites harm the user experience. Google knows this and has stated that they rank mobile-friendly sites higher than non-mobile-friendly sites.

Because of this, SEO specialists come in and make the necessary changes to ensure you are mobile-friendly to be able to rank higher.

SEO Specialists in London

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