SingTel in pursuit for launching up a 5G Mobile Edge Computing


The firm SingTel announced that it is in pursuit to launch its exclusive 5G Edge Compute Infrastructure for the commercials for delivering swifter as well as secured 5G applications.

One of the core options for trials that are set to commence this year, will be having Microsoft Azure Stack.

Enterprises will be able to utilize the Singtel’s Multi-access Edge Compute (MEC) infrastructure to progress applications like an autonomous guided vehicle, drones, robots as well as virtual, improved or mixed reality closer to their end-users, and will be able to transport the applications with lower latency.

Bill Chang, Singtel chief executive officer of group enterprise stated that: “Our collaboration places the benefits of 5G and MEC, such as high connection speeds and low latency, in the hands of enterprises, empowering them to use, create, deploy and scale-up new 5G solutions.”

Yousef Khalidi, Corporate Vice President Azure for Operators at Microsoft Corp stated that: “Today marks a new chapter in our collaboration with Singtel to unlock the power of 5G and bring the cloud closer than ever to devices and customers. With Singtel’s 5G network, Microsoft’s cloud and edge solutions, and our combined ecosystem of partners, we lower the barriers for enterprises to adopt next generation technologies that drive real business value.”

Singtel 5G MEC has the budding capability to renovate the way sectors like the public service, transportation, progressive manufacturing and logistics operate. The infrastructure can permit most of these services to be stimulated to 5G MEC swiftly and seamlessly without a break in service provision. They also provide the advantages of sophisticated speeds and lower latency for clients to enable autonomous systems, robotics and vehicles.

Enterprises will be able to power more edge computing capabilities and solutions as more edge calculating apps developers and IoT device vendors connect to Singtel’s 5G ecosystem of partners. There is also plethora of opportunities for Apps and solution developers who are keen to co-create 5G solutions using Singtel’s 5G network and MEC infrastructure can contact Singtel at .


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