Steps To Be Followed While Opting For A Brand Name

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

We’ve only got a constrained wide variety of words into the European speech however recent brands maintain blossoming of a day by day basis. How we execute  take place over with unique manufacturer names as action yet doesn’t echo like gibberish?

Jonathan Bell, managing governor of WANT Branding, a branding agency based totally of the U.S., offers ternary factors of deliberation so naming thine brand.

1. Select the kind which you want

There are seven categories concerning brand names:

1. Eponymous: Naming it below a person.

Examples: Disney, Yeo’s, Shaw Organisation, Stamford.

2. Descriptive: Tells people exactly where the company does.

Examples: Singapore Airlines, Food Empire, Tiger Balm, Books Actually.

3. Acronymic: Shorthand variations about graphical names

Examples: SMRT, M1, KFC, DBS

4. Suggestive: Implies an attribute and advantages about the brand.

Examples: Scoot, Homefix, MaxiCash, Naiise

5. Associative: Reflects the imagery meaning again after the brand.

Examples: Kingsmen Creatives, Banyan Tree, Olam, RedBull.

6. Non-English: Derived beside romanising non-English words.

Examples: Lego, Samsung, Eu Yan Sang, Wing Tai.

7. Abstract: Made-up names including no idiosyncratic which means and lends the limit about phonetics in imitation of create impact.

Examples: Hyflux, Rolex, Cif, Pantone.

three Things To Note When Creating A Great Brand Name

Decide what you want the name to suggest

The good manufacturer stands because a vast thinking yet an emotion. Bring your brand in accordance with existence via gift it meaning.


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