Sun Life announces technology partnership with UKG

Sun Life announces partnership with UKG to automate and simplify absence management for employers(Representational Image)
Sun Life announces partnership with UKG to automate and simplify absence management for employers(Representational Image from Freepik)

Sun Life U.S., a leading provider of group benefits and health services, yesterday announced a new technology partnership with UKG, a leading provider of HR, payroll, workforce management, and culture solutions for all people. The partnership will enable Sun Life clients who use UKG Pro Workforce Management to save hundreds of hours on absence management tasks. Sun Life is committed to making care and benefits easier through both organic innovation and strategic partnerships with technology providers like UKG, to enhance digital capabilities that provide meaningful solutions for employers.

With more than 350 technology and services partners, UKG provides one of the largest and most collaborative partner ecosystems in the human capital management (HCM) industry focused on creating better employee experiences and improving business outcomes.

Sun Life has continued to develop new capabilities to improve the benefits experience for employers that use UKG platforms. These application programming interfaces (API) are part of Sun Life’s portfolio of data connections called Sun Life Link.

“The absence management landscape has become increasingly complex, and employers are seeking expertise to help them manage leave effectively and efficiently,” said Ted Phillips, assistant vice president, BenTech Partnerships, Sun Life U.S. “Our APIs take the administrative burden off HR teams and allow them to refocus that time on the things that really matter to them, like employee engagement and talent recruitment. With such a strong portfolio of employer customers around the country, UKG is a great partner to ensure we are meeting the needs of our clients.”

Sun Life and  UKG

Sun Life clients who use UKG Pro Workforce Management will benefit from:

  • Streamlining the tracking of employee leave and absences to simplify employers’ administrative duties.
  • Real-time reducing errors through Sun Life Link that creates and updates an employee’s absence within UKG Pro, saving employers time and manual work.
  • Consistent and confidential back-end system communication providing confidence that leave information is up to date without having to manually adjust multiple systems.

UKG solutions are developed on the FleX platform, a modern technology platform purpose-built to support great workplaces. FleX Flow, a highly adaptable API framework, anchors UKG solutions in the flow of work where people need and want them most, and helps businesses connect existing IT with innovative or emerging applications to improve their workplace.

“Our partnership ecosystem helps us support our customers with seamless solutions that improve business outcomes and inspire people,” said Mike May, vice president of technology partnerships at UKG. “Partners like Sun Life allow us to extend our capabilities and deliver technology that elevates the workplace experience and meet the needs of people throughout their life work journey.”

In addition to partnering with UKG on its Pro Workforce Management, Sun Life will continue developing API capabilities for UKG systems to increase integration for employers and strengthen the HCM technology ecosystem. Sun Life works closely with partners and clients to create connections and solutions that meet employers’ unique needs. With an agile approach to technology development, Sun Life is bringing more innovation to its absence management capabilities to continue serving clients as their needs and the industry evolve.



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