T-Mobile achieves full investment Grade Rating

Peter Osvaldik, T-Mobile chief financial officer. Source https://www.t-mobile.com/our-story/executive-leadership-team/peter-osvaldik

US based T-Mobiles recently announced that following an investment grade issuer rating from S&P Global Ratings (S&P) – the third it has received from credit rating agencies – the company now has its first-ever full investment grade rating. S&P has assigned the Company a BBB- with positive outlook. This follows the company securing a Baa3 rating with a stable outlook from Moody’s and a BBB- rating with a positive outlook from Fitch.

This full investment grade rating comes as a result of T-Mobile’s successful operational and financial performance, which is consistently demonstrated through strong subscriber growth and the company’s ability to translate that into increasing free cash flow.

“Achieving a full investment grade rating is an important milestone for T-Mobile that reflects the leading credit rating agencies’ positive outlook on our Un-carrier leadership strategy that is rooted in an unwavering focus on putting customers first,” said Peter Osvaldik, T-Mobile chief financial officer. “This ‘clean sweep’ in upgrades provides T-Mobile with the ability to unlock full access to the deep investment grade debt markets, which will further fuel our growth and momentum toward our mission of being the very best at connecting customers to their world.”



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