Faraday teams up with Arm to innovate AI-driven vehicle ASICs

Faraday Partners with Arm to Innovate AI-driven Vehicle ASICs

Faraday Technology Corporation, a leading provider of ASIC design services and IP solutions, announced it is leveraging the latest Arm® Automotive Enhanced (AE) technology, licensing the Cortex®-A720AE IP to drive the development of AI-enabled vehicles ASICs, with a focus on safety, efficiency, and quality. Since 2002, Faraday has been a global Arm licensee and has now […]

Navigating Turbulent Economic Waters: Strategies for Businesses in a Volatile Global Economy


In today’s ever-changing global marketplace, businesses must be prepared to navigate through economic turbulence with agility and adaptability. Fluctuations in consumer demand, shifts in trade policies, and geopolitical tensions can all contribute to a volatile economic environment. To thrive in such conditions, companies must remain nimble, continuously reassess their strategies, and swiftly adapt to emerging […]

Comtech names Donald Walther as Chief Legal Officer

Comtech (NASDAQ: CMTL) yesterday announced the appointment of technology and aerospace industry veteran Donald Walther as the company’s new Chief Legal Officer (CLO). As a trusted advisor, Walther brings nearly three decades of legal expertise to his position as Comtech’s CLO. Walther’s experience spans both private and public companies in the commercial and defense sectors […]