Chery sets up new R&D system for Europe, North America and Shanghai

Chery EV

Chery has established a research and development system covering six research and development centers in North America, Europe and Shanghai. It has said to have applied more than 23000 patents and authorized more than 14000 patents (of which the invention patent accounts for 1/3). In the future, the Group will focus its businesses in new […]

Chery participates in WMC 2021 as a Representative of China’s Automotive Industry

Recently, the “2021 World Manufacturing Conference” (WMC) co-sponsored by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Commerce kicked off, and Chery, as a representative of intelligent manufacturing of China’s automotive industry, was invited. During the conference, the first mass customization industrial Internet platform of China’s automotive jointly […]

Chery Expected to Realize L4 Highly Autonomous Driving Technology In 2025

Chery has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with BOE, a leading Internet of Things (IOT) innovation enterprise in the world, and the two sides would have in-depth cooperation in the fields of smart cabin solutions, cutting-edge technology research and development, and smart scene solutions etc. Before this, Chery had developed strategic cooperative partnership with leading […]