Chery participates in WMC 2021 as a Representative of China’s Automotive Industry


Recently, the “2021 World Manufacturing Conference” (WMC) co-sponsored by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Commerce kicked off, and Chery, as a representative of intelligent manufacturing of China’s automotive industry, was invited.

During the conference, the first mass customization industrial Internet platform of China’s automotive jointly created by Chery and COSMOPlat, a subsidiary of Haier, also debuted, which provides a new engine for digitally upgrading the automotive industry chain and building a new Internet ecosystem of the automotive industry.

Through the mode of “1+4+6+X”, the platform builds a platform to energize four categories of users, namely, automobile manufacturers, upstream parts manufacturers, downstream distributors and other discrete manufacturer, and establishes six capabilities, namely, personalized customization, platform-based design, intelligent manufacturing, network-based collaboration, service extension and digital management, which are replicated and promoted to X industries and fields, with the purpose of extending the industrial Internet to the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain and comprehensively improving the efficiency of collaboration.

The industrial Internet platform built by Chery and COSMOPlat is stated to be the first application of mass customization mode in the automotive industry. Relying on Chery’s resource advantages in the automotive industry and COSMOPlat’s technical strength in industrial Internet platforms, a user-centered life-cycle mode has been established, which provides a new model for the two-way integration of automobile manufacturing and consumption.

In addition, at this conference, Chery also exhibited its industrial power technologies, including DHT, a new-energy special transmission with 11 gear combinations and a maximum input torque of 510N•m, and 2.0T GDI, an engine affirmed selected as one of the top ten engines of “Chinese Heart” in 2021. At present, as an important branch of the huge core technology system of `Technological Chery”, Chery’s power system has covered various energy forms such as fuel, hybrid, battery, and hydrogen power, basically covering the technical route of automobile power in the next 30 years. 



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