Juniper Group acquires Vervotech

Juniper Group Acquires Vervotech

Juniper Group announced the successful acquisition of Vervotech, a tech start-up making significant strides in the Travel Industry with innovative products, particularly hotel mapping and room mapping solutions. Vervotech’s flagship product, Vervotech Mappings, has gained widespread recognition in the travel sector for its ability to ensure consistency and accuracy in hotel data. This strategic addition […]

Singapore-based start-up SiNBLE launches IC design implementation service

Singapore-based start-up SiNBLE announced its official launch yesterday, offering the integrated circuit (IC) and subsystem design implementation service. This service leverages abundant IC design experiences and resources to facilitate global fabless IC design companies, systems integrators, and ASIC providers to achieve short time-to-market and efficient resource allocation. With a particular focus on FinFET nodes, SiNBLE […]

Flutterwave valuation raised to USD 3 billion with new series D funding

Flutterwave, a leading technology company, announced today that it has raised USD $250 million in Series D funding, valuing the company at over $3 billion as the brand continues to transform the way Africans transact on the continent and worldwide. Flutterwave is said to be the highest valued African start-up with this investment. It is a validation of African […]

Bespoke Habitat raises SGD$1 million in angel investment

Bespoke Habitat, a property management company, and co-living start-up announced that it has raised its first SGD$1 million in angel investment. The investment will accelerate the company’s vision of creating the future of shared spaces for working professionals and bring modern tech-enabled living solutions to enhance the staying experience.  Launched in 2019, Bespoke Habitat provides […]