Governments and Enterprises in the Middle East collaborate at the World AI Show

A recent report suggests that the global AI market is expected to hit USD 733.7 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 42.2%. Both the government and enterprises in the MENA region are actively investing in AI technologies to boost economic growth, improve public services, and enhance business operations. Meanwhile, the AI race between […]

Trescon’s World Data & Analytics Show to propel Singapore businesses forward

World Data & Analytics Show

The data analytics market in Singapore has been growing rapidly in recent years due to the country’s focus on digital transformation and adoption of technology. In the last two decades, Singapore has established itself as a hub for emerging tech in Southeast Asia, attracting international companies and startups to the city-state. The government has been […]

Trescon appoints Naveen Bharadwaj as its Group CEO

Global business events organizer and consulting firm Trescon has appointed renowned industry professional Naveen Bharadwaj as its Group CEO to lead Trescon and its associated business entities such as World Blockchain Summit (WBS) – the world’s longest running blockchain summit series; IIFF – India’s premier international furniture and interior fair; and Demandify – a B2B demand generation and […]

World’s Longest-Running AI Show Series Arrives in India

By bringing together some of the brightest minds from the AI and ML landscape to discuss their applications and their scope in the future in India’s new normal, the 39th global edition of World AI Show, organized by Trescon, will focus on mapping AI adoption in India’s enterprises and explore the prospects of future technologies. […]

37th World AI Show in Malaysia to be held on July 13

Now is the ideal time for Malaysia to surge ahead of the pack because the promise of AI is still far from being fully realised. The 37th global edition of World AI Show – Malaysia, supported by Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), is scheduled to take place virtually on July 13, 2022, with a special […]

12th global edition of World Cyber Security Summit – ASEAN to be held on April 12

The 12th global edition of World Cyber Security Summit – ASEAN will focus on topics such as: Government’s Approach to Cyber Security: Safe National Cyber Space; Cyber Security and Data Protection for Banking and Financial Institutions; HMI/SCADA Dangers and Cyber Security Strategies; Automated Hacking, Deepfakes and Other Cyber Threats of 2022; Real-Life Use Cases on How […]