Taylor reveals latest service aiding in curbing freight budget


Taylor Corporation has introduced a new shipping and fulfillment service that reduces freight costs for customers while conserving natural resources.

Taylor’s innovative PrintMerge process merges orders for print on demand (POD) items with orders for pre existing warehoused items to create a single outgoing shipment. By combining orders in this fashion, Taylor is able to reduce the number of labels and cartons needed to ship customer orders. It also results in significantly lower freight costs for customers.

“Until now, POD and warehoused items always shipped independently and as quickly as possible. This is ideal for speed but is not always very efficient from a shipping cost and raw materials standpoint,” says Tim Dunford, president of warehouse and distribution services for Taylor. “The PrintMerge process gives our customers the option to combine those two types of orders. Customers can reduce their freight costs and shrink their environmental footprint in a meaningful way.”

Glen A.Taylor Chairman&Founder Image:Source

PrintMerge is now available at Taylor’s co-located POD/distribution centers in Cranbury, N.J., Jeffersonville, Ind., and Ontario, Calif. “Of course, PrintMerge doesn’t apply to everything we do,” adds Dunford. “The POD and warehoused items must come out of the same facility, be going to the same destination and fit in the same shipping cartons. However, for many customers, this new service will make a real difference on the bottom line and to their sustainability initiatives.”



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