TissueVision, Inc., promotes Stefan Linehan to VP, Operations and Development

TissueVision, Inc., a leading provider of life sciences imaging solutions, announced recently the promotion of Stefan Linehan to Vice President of Operations and Development. In his new role, Linehan will expand TissueVision’s service offerings through strategic partnerships with clients and industry organizations. He will continue to oversee sales and growth of TissueVision’s Serial Two-Photon Plus (STP2) imaging and solutions platform.

According to TissueVision Inc’s sources, Stefan Linehan, has over twenty years of experience in Good Laboratory Practices contract research services and he is an expert on ex vivo imaging techniques, including cryo-imaging techniques such as autoradiography and imaging mass spectrometry. Linehan has pushed the technical boundaries of merging multiple imaging modalities. Researchers use multi-modal data presented in a 3D environment to understand the molecular distribution and heterogeneity of tissues.

Tim Ragan, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of TissueVision stated: “Stefan is a superb member of our team. Through his leadership, our expansion into imaging services has been exceptional and far-reaching. Our novel approach integrates numerous secondary analysis datasets into a STP2 3D scaffolding and gives researchers the high-resolution imaging they need to study spatial biology with confidence.”

According to TissueVision Inc’s reports, previously, Linehan oversaw mass spectrometry imaging (MSI) services as Director of North America and Head of Japan at ImaBiotech. Linehan has also held leadership positions at Invicro, XenoBiotic Laboratories, WIL Research Laboratories, and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals.



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