Veristat Appoints Gabriela Rosu, M.D., as Senior Director of Global Medical Affairs Team

Veristat, the Science-First Full Service CRO and Consultancy announced that Gabriela Rosu, M.D., has joined as Senior Director of Global Medical Affairs.

Dr Rosu is a seasoned professional with over twenty years of experience in scientific and clinical fields, having significantly contributed to the planning and execution of pivotal activities that have led to the approval and commercialisation of groundbreaking therapies.

Her appointment is timely, coming just before the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s (ASCO, #ASCO24) Annual Meeting, an event where Dr. Rosu has historically made impactful contributions through numerous abstracts.

Patrick Flanagan, CEO of Veristat, praised Dr. Rosu’s dedication, “Dr. Rosu’s fervent commitment to collaboration enhances our ability to make informed decisions, crucially improving patient experiences in clinical trials and ensuring favourable outcomes. Her profound insight into the nuances of oncology therapy development is invaluable, particularly as we continue to focus on optimizing treatment strategies in this area.”

Veristat’s Medical Affairs team is at the forefront of evaluating scientific data to address the increasing complexity of biotherapeutic compounds and diverse patient demographics in clinical trials. The team is instrumental in fostering communication and generating essential evidence to support patient safety and optimise treatment outcomes, especially for those with rare and complex diseases.

In her new role, Dr. Rosu will oversee the global expansion of the medical and safety/pharmacovigilance teams. Her extensive background includes senior medical affairs positions at leading global CROs, where she oversaw medical monitoring for various oncology trials, and advised on protocol development, risk mitigation strategies, and strategic development with a focus on patient safety and patient outcomes. Dr. Rosu’s experience is particularly notable in immuno-oncology, focusing on managing compound toxicity.

Before transitioning to the CRO industry, Dr. Rosu held significant roles such as Chief Medical Officer at IMV Inc. and Global Medical Advisor at Novo Nordisk Healthcare, where she led clinical developments in oncology and coagulation disorders, among other responsibilities.

Dr Rosu earned her Doctor of Medicine degree in Romania and has maintained active participation in prestigious organisations such as the American Society for Clinical Oncology (ASCO, #ASCO) and the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO, #ESMO).

Reflecting on her new position, Dr Rosu stated, “I am honoured to lead as Senior Director, Global Medical Affairs at Veristat, aligning with the company’s strategic vision to pioneer the development and commercialisation of innovative treatments for rare diseases. My dedication to enhancing patient experiences in clinical trials and fostering the development of safe and effective therapies remains unwavering. I look forward to contributing to Veristat’s dynamic team and its noble mission.”



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