HTEC Appoints Mark Scrivener as Country Director of the UK


HTEC, a global end-to-end digital product development and engineering services company, recently appointed Mark Scrivener as its UK managing director. A strong advocate for human-centric UX initiatives, Mark has a proven track record of driving product innovation and steering digital transformations. As country director, he will focus on refining business strategies, nurturing partnerships, and assembling teams tailored to meet customers’ unique needs.

Since establishing its UK presence in 2018, HTEC has worked with regional organizations across industries to help them design and release innovative products and services. For Mark, adopting forward-thinking strategies, cutting-edge technologies, and embracing a user-centric approach brings a crucial competitive edge.

“The UK market is characterized by rapid shifts and fierce competition. To thrive, businesses need agility and foresight. At HTEC, we leverage market research and the latest industry and technology trends to produce innovative products that move the needle in our client’s organizations. More than ever, the key is skillfully using heavy data to hyper-personalize the user experience.”

As the country director, Mark will employ his extensive experience across industries and exceptional knowledge of the UK market to further enhance HTEC’s UK operations. He believes the ability to provide end-to-end solutions that cover the entire customer journey sets HTEC apart from the UK competition.

“I joined HTEC as part of Momentum Design Lab, the UK’s premier, award-winning UX design company, which was acquired by HTEC in 2021. The blend of Momentum’s product and UX design capabilities and HTEC’s deep engineering expertise allows us to examine a problem from multiple perspectives – design, product, engineering, and experience. We occupy that middle ground with considerable skill, tackling challenges while retaining an agility most enterprises lack.”

As for strategic plans, the UK team will keep expanding, with a focus on engineering, leadership, and business development roles. Our new managing director looks forward to in-person interactions with our partners and extends an invitation for prospective customers to visit our London office.



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