What are keywords and how do they help your online presence?


Many small businesses understand the importance of expanding their exposure to potential clients online, however many struggles to execute this effectively.

Let us know if this sounds familiar, you’ve researched how to improve your online performance but have come across a multitude of jargon words and don’t know where to start? One of these frequently used is keywords.

Although the term may sound simple, there are many different aspects involved to ensure they are being utilised properly. We will cover all you need to know during this article, to help provide some confidence when tackling the world of SEO on your own.

What are keywords?

Keywords take the form of many different words and combinations of words. For example, you’ve most likely typed the keyword: SEO. When your web pages include words such as that, Google will show your site to those who Googled the keyword.

This has amazing benefits for receiving organic traffic to your website, or in other words, gaining clients without any hefty marketing costs attached.

How to enhance keywords

Unfortunately, you’re not the first to stumble across this lucrative digital marketing technique. Keywords are rigorously fought over by different companies looking to capitalise. Therefore, if you were thinking about throwing in some random keywords that somewhat link to your business, I’ve got some bad news for you. It won’t work.

With a new website, Google will send you to the back of the line making it almost impossible for you to reach new customers. However, there is a way to improve your chances dramatically, until you’re seen as a reputable source by the search engine.

Long-tail Keywords

Unlike one-word keywords, long-tail keywords present the opportunity to rank higher on search engines without the normal amount of competition. Yes, the volume of the search for these specific phrases will be significantly lower, however, 100% of some online traffic is better than 0%, right?

Finding the right phrases

So now you know what to include on your web pages and blog, how do you find the exact phrases? Again, the Google algorithm is very picky about which phrases will help you rank so you will need to do your research.

Programs are available across the world wide web to find the words that will enhance your performance, however not all are always accurate. Ensure to carry out research beforehand to see how previous customers benefited from the software.

Getting a helping hand from the experts

Understanding the many intricacies of SEO can be tough, especially when you have a business to run. By allowing the right marketer to take control and produce a valuable outcome has never been so simple.

At the Target Agency, our digital marketing professionals help small businesses reach their online potential. With clear SEO strategies and methods, no time is wasted to get the best results, as quickly as possible. Why not contact us today? We can provide transparent advice to find the best strategy that will benefit your business.


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