Why are landing pages so important?


When it comes to marketing, there is only one chance (broken into two parts) to acquire a customer. One starts when they see your ad and they click on it to learn more. If you’re lucky enough to receive their interest, the next stage is the landing page.

This is where many businesses fall short. Mainly because business owners spend so much time and energy on the actual ad. The importance of the landing page in the decision-making process should never be overlooked.

To those that now have alarm bells ringing, don’t panic! Keep reading to find out why the landing page is so crucial, and the areas you should check to improve.

The basics: what is a landing page?

Although the idea is relatively simple, some do get confused with what a landing page actually is. So let’s break it down:

A landing page by definition is a web page on your site that is completely separated from all the others. The rest of your website works in harmony to provide information on different pages. However, the purpose of a landing page is to provide everything a potential lead needs to know on one page. This also includes a call to action (CTA), whether this is to make a purchase or call you.

No matter the call to action, all will have the same aim; gain a customer. Which will, in turn, generate revenue for the business.

Layout needed

There are 5 main parts to a great landing page that will help your service/product stand out. They consist of:

  • Captivating headline
  • Call to action
  • Benefits
  • Reviews
  • To finish up

Start your landing page strong with a a compelling headline that excites the potential customer, along with a small paragraph underneath to provide more depth to what you’re all about.

Next, you want to provide a CTA so it’s always in view when they view the page. Make it clear to ensure they know-how effortless it is to continue with your business!

Don’t hold anything back when discussing the benefits. Each unique selling point that sets you above the competition should be discussed thoroughly.

In today’s digital world, many are accustomed to products and services being thrown at them. Therefore, it’s a good idea to include some reviews or testimonials to prove that you’re a trustworthy source.

Make sure to finish with a bang. Let the customer know that whatever you’ve got, they desperately need. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get another chance to convince them.

Helping hand from the Pros

Due to the importance of nailing the landing page. Gaining assistance from an experienced digital marker can be a great asset.

At Target Agency, we’ve helped many businesses achieve high conversions from high-quality landing pages. Contact us here for more information.

To Sum Up

Hopefully, the importance of having a sleek landing page has been imprinted in your head. Whether you choose to hire an expert or design it yourself, take your time to get it right! Otherwise, it can be costly. 


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