Xiao-I Corporation partners with major Chinese Bank to revolutionize knowledge management

Xiao-I Corporation Partners with Leading Bank to Revolutionize Knowledge Management with Advanced AI Technology
Xiao-I Corporation Partners with Leading Bank to Revolutionize Knowledge Management with Advanced AI Technology

Xiao-I Corporation (“Xiao-I” or the “Company”), a leading AI company announced an important partnership with a major Chinese banking institution to enhance its knowledge management. This partnership is expected to revolutionize knowledge management, streamlining the access and management of business-related information across the organization.

As the banking business rapidly evolves, the challenge of managing and accessing the ever-growing and increasingly complex body of business knowledge has become more pronounced. Xiao-I’s Intelligent Knowledge Management System (the System), underpinned by the Hua Zang Large Language Model, is now at the forefront. This System elevates the precision of problem-solving through intelligent search, enabling users to effortlessly retrieve business insights via natural language queries.

Encompassing the full spectrum of knowledge management, the System automates the collection and curation of knowledge. It adeptly parses and comprehends a variety of document formats, largely minimizing the reliance on manual input. The System also supports multiple languages, facilitating seamless cross-language knowledge aggregation and synthesis. Its capabilities extend to image and video content, extracting and enriching the knowledge based on multimodal abilities.

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The System stands out in knowledge management by identifying and interlinking information within the knowledge base, creating a sophisticated knowledge graph. It employs natural language processing to automatically categorize and label content, thereby enhancing management efficiency. With the ability to analyze and update the knowledge base in real-time, the System ensures that the information remains current and precise.

With a user-friendly interface, the System enables interaction through simple, natural language queries.  It adeptly interprets complex intentions and delivers precise answers and sources. The search functionality is not limited to text; users can utilize other modalities to search, thereby broadening the scope and accuracy of the search process. The System’s contextual understanding of queries making information retrieval more intuitive and effective.

Xiao-I Corporation remains at the vanguard of artificial intelligence, dedicated to crafting innovative AI solutions that streamline business operations and elevate user experiences. With a commitment to advancing AI technology, Xiao-I continues to develop cutting-edge products and services that catalyze efficiency and foster growth across various industries.



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