Flying Cape: Benefitting Educators and making Learning fun for the students

Over the past 5 years, SouthEast Asian Edtech industries have received over 480 million in venture capital funding. However, in comparison to other markets in SouthEast Asia. The Edtech industry in Singapore is overall represented by a few players that have gone on to the world stage. There is a small share of the spotlight […]

Online assessments add value for oil and gas industry stakeholders

Within the oil and gas drilling industry – a key part of a sector that produced revenues of some $3.3 trillion in 2019 and comprises some 3.8% of the global economy – the use of online assessment (eAssessment) is demonstrably improving the assessment process, as well as streamlining the operations of organisations and, thus, providing […]

Cybersecurity is vital in the digital phase

As the digital phase of survival has both advantages and disadvantages the risks held within the usage of digital products, make us a scape goat in the eyes of cyber criminals. The need to analyse such malicious acts is important for the digital platform to gain its trust among the masses. Thus, setting up Cybersecurity […]

Smartchem Technologies Launches complete Nutrition solution

‘Mahadhan Croptek’ is the foremost brand for onion progressive farmers who use secondary nutrients and micronutrients in Maharashtra and Karnataka. It is the first and unique crop-specific crop nutrition solution having essential primary, secondary and micronutrients required by the onion crop. Due to intensive cultivation practices post green revolution, year after year the deficiency of […]

Okcoin Launches Sats Mode to Create Non-Decimal Bitcoin Experience

Okcoin, one of the world’s fastest-growing cryptocurrency platforms, announced the launch of Sats Mode, becoming the first US-licensed exchange to show bitcoin in satoshis (sats), the smallest unit of BTC, equivalent to 100 millionth of a bitcoin. The feature enables Okcoin customers to view their bitcoin balance and buy bitcoin in whole numbers—such as 1,645 sats—instead […]

Chargezoom partners with Freshbook for secured transactions

 Chargezoom, a leading platform for billing and integrated payments, today announces an integration with FreshBooks accounting software. As the first two-way integrated payment platform for FreshBooks, users who select Chargezoom as their payment integration tool will benefit from freedom to choose virtually any payment processor with a seamless integration, including popular platforms such as Stripe, […]

NAOPT Launches Website and Resources for Schools

The National Association of Therapeutic Parents (NAOPT) has now launched a website packed with resources for all types of schools. By supporting schools and its teaching staff, the NAOPT hopes to raise awareness of development trauma. Children are among those most at risk when involved in a traumatic event. More common than most realise, 25% […]

How one company is using Cloud tech to transform businesses in APAC?

Cloud communications is the latest trend in the telecoms market, offering businesses a feature rich communications solution but with increased flexibility and a mobile-optimised workflow. Built on the physical infrastructure laid down for the internet, and supported by wireless technologies like   4G, the Cloud has created an alternative, virtual plane for data sharing and communication. […]

Tritium Opens New EV Charger Testing Facility

Tritium Holdings Pty Ltd , a global developer and manufacturer of direct current fast charging technology for electric vehicles opened a world-class compliance testing facility at the Company’s Brisbane, Australia headquarters, now viewable through an interactive tour on the Company’s website. This new facility is capable of accelerating testing, prototyping, compliance and certification, allowing the […]

PLN selects ABB to supply MCBs

PLN, Indonesia’s state-owned power utility, has selected ABB for a new two-year contract to supply miniature circuit breakers (MCBs). ABB’s state-of-the-art factory in Cibitung, West Java will increase production by 100 percent to cope with the increasing demand. For the past two decades, ABB affirmed its proven track record as a PLN supplier, with outstanding […]