Active Mentor supports new entrepreneurs for viable businesses


Active Mentor offers business management, creative production & marketing services for start-ups and early-stage businesses. There are over half a million new start-ups in the UK each year averagely, of which over 125,000 fail in their first year and less than half last five years or more.

Active Mentor Startup

The most common causes of early failure are, lack of market need, lack of profitable business model and lack of the right team. Longer term issues arise due to lack of finance for effectively growing the business ahead of new competition.

After years of experience setting up businesses with others and for many, many others, the team at Active Mentor® have distilled the common fundamentals of successful ventures and created the ‘Trinity Model’ toolset for simplifying rapid product development and business launch initiatives.

This toolset enables Active Mentor® to provide market need evaluation, business model improvement and marketing model refinement to be completed in a very short ‘sprint’. The completed results are converted into a project plan for implementation and rapid market launch with live customers.

The new initiative from Active Mentor® enables new entrepreneurs with great ideas to bring their business to market, even though they may initially lack broader skills, commercial experience or finance.

The new entrepreneur gets an Active Mentor® to advise and co-deliver the business with them. The new entrepreneur is trained in the commercial aspects of their business, enabling them to run the business profitably.

Once the new business is making positive revenue, Active Mentor® provides opportunities for financing its growth through debt or investment. Lee Tumbridge, managing director of Active Mentor® said “the Active Mentor offer will lead to more great ideas making a profitable impact in the UK economy”. The new initiative for London based entrepreneurs is planned to roll out nationally next year.



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