Building up a business network can be a challenging task. b2match has taken on this challenge with its all-in-one event management solution for virtual, hybrid, and physical events specialized in b2b matchmaking. To help facilitate virtual meetings, b2match has integrated eyeson. 

We spoke with Margerete Grocholski, Head of Marketing and Communications at b2match to ask how the integration of eyeson API worked with their event management solution and how they achieved this task.

eyeson: Please tell us something about your company.

b2match: b2match utilizes years of experience to create an all-in-one event management software that covers an entire event workflow. Our core value is b2b matchmaking because we know that it is the best way to foster connection and collaboration between organizations and event participants.

eyeson: Where are you headed as a business?

b2match: We are building the most advanced and user-friendly event management software which encourages business networking. Our product empowers attendees to build meaningful connections at events for growth in business.

eyeson: What challenges were you facing and what motivated you to solve them?

b2match: Our customers were not prepared to pivot their physical events into virtual or hybrid events. Besides the technical solution we had to cover the need for strategic support and provide educational content for the organizers as well as for their participants. We were able to support with years of experience in event management and we learned with our customers about the needs and requirements of a great working virtual event solution.

eyeson: Why did you choose us over the competition?

b2match: Integrating a video platform with the eyeson API and the ability to control the UI programmatically was key for us.The API allowed us to move fast with the seamless integration of eyeson.

eyeson: How do you use our video meeting platform?

b2match: We create sessions (workshops, presentations, discussion groups) where participants can directly join, without having to register or to install something on their computer. We can even record the sessions and give organizers access to the recorded sessions.


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