Certification Tracking Introduced by Bridgit


Bridgit, the leader in construction workforce intelligence technology, announced Certification Tracking as the next new feature in its workforce management solution. As part of Bridgit Bench, Certification Tracking will allow general contractors to ensure that certifications across their workforce are up-to-date, leading to proactive risk management.

With Certification Tracking in Bridgit Bench, general contractors can create a master list of certifications and set warning date ranges. They can then add a certification to a person’s profile and set the expiration date for their certification. As a certification approaches expiration, they’ll be notified that it’s time for renewal. The platform also allows proof of certifications to be attached directly to a person’s profile, so contractors can keep all relevant information in one central location.

Bridgit is workforce intelligence for the construction industry. Bridgit’s mission is to help the construction industry maximize profits by taking a people-first approach. The company transforms workforce data into actionable insights to inform strategic and tactical business decisions.

​​“Having uncertified team members or expired certifications on a job site can put a contractor’s projects, and more importantly, their people, at risk,” said Mallorie Brodie, CEO and Co-Founder at Bridgit. “Certification Tracking in Bridgit Bench will help contractors manage their team’s professional growth and proactively address uncertified workers to maintain a safe and productive job site.



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