DIFC announces the set-up of Specialised court for the Digital Economy


The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Courts today announced the launch of a ‘Specialised Court for the Digital Economy’ aimed at simplifying the settlement process of complex civil and commercial disputes related to the digital economy.

The new specialised Court will deal with national and international disputes related to current and emerging technologies. It will cover a wide variety of fields including big data, blockchain technologies, artificial intelligence, cloud services, unmanned aerial vehicles, 3D printing technologies, and robotics.

His Highness Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai and President of the Dubai International Financial Centre, emphasised that the rollout of the new court represents a groundbreaking move to stay abreast of the ever-evolving and thriving global digital economy. The Court will be supported by highly qualified human resources, a solid and highly reliable infrastructure, and research and development in the technology sector. His Highness affirmed, “The infrastructure of our courts in Dubai will keep pace with our future economic aspirations.”

His Highness also highlighted that the launch of the new court gives an impetus to efforts to develop a new judicial support system capable of meeting the requirements of the digital transformation process and adoption of up-to-date technologies. His Highness said, “The goal of the judicial system and Courts in Dubai is to deliver prompt justice in a country where the law prevails.”

The new Court is a pivotal step in achieving the UAE’s vision and strategy for the next 50 years. His Highness stressed that the digital economy sector plays a significant role in enhancing people’s quality of life. The DIFC Courts are in the process of appointing eminent judicial experts to operate and supervise the digital infrastructure and advanced service capabilities of the Specialised Court. The new court will start providing services in the first quarter of 2022.

The ‘Specialised Court for the Digital Economy’ will complement existing specialised divisions at the DIFC Courts, including the Technology and Construction Division and the Arbitration Division, launched to meet the increasing demand for judicial expertise in cases related to specific sectors.

H.E. Justice Omar Al Mheiri, Director, DIFC Courts, said, “The potential of the UAE’s judicial systems to support and protect the continuity of business projects will prove to be extremely vital to the country’s long-term goals of attracting and retaining foreign investment. Dubai’s well-grounded commitment to strengthen a highly competitive business environment is key to its vision of deep-rooted economic diversification.” 

“The launch of the new specialised Court shows Dubai’s determination to play a leading and pioneering role in developing judicial systems that simplify dispute settlement related to the digital economy,” Al Mheiri added. “We will utilise the most advanced technologies to increase the efficiency of the system and ensure that the public will benefit from its services. This court is the first of its kind in the world offering new and exciting innovations that will provide the best avenues to access justice, not only for companies operating in the UAE but for international companies seeking a fair jurisdiction,” he furthered.



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