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Domain name flipping can be a hot-button issue for many people. Some have made careers out of it, while others consider it to be taking advantage of those looking for a great domain name for their website. A domainer, or domain investor, essentially buys domains for the purpose of their future value and views domain names as an investment.

Domain flipping is the process of purchasing a domain name with the intent of quickly selling it at a higher cost. Depending on the desirability of the domain, the profit margin can actually be a significant one.

5 steps to flip a domain

1. Search for a domain

First, you need to find a domain that’s worth buying. If you want to make the most cash, you’ll need to optimize your strategy by finding a domain that’s both inexpensive to initially purchase and potentially lucrative to sell.

2.Evaluate the domain

When you find a domain that’s friendly to your budget, you’ll need to spend some time evaluating it. There are several factors that make a domain name potentially valuable, including:




Search friendliness

You’ll likely need to do some independent research to predict whether you can eventually sell the domain for more than you initially paid for it. Make sure you’re also looking at historical sale prices for similar domains.

3. Register the domain name

If your due diligence checks out, you can proceed with buying the domain and registering it to your name. This is usually a simple process that doesn’t take much time.

4. Find a buyer for the domain

This is the most difficult and most variable step of the process.

5. Sell the domain Finally, your buyer will pay you for the domain, and ownership will transfer upon their new registry. Again, this is usually a simple process that doesn’t take much time.


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