Expensify Issues free Tesla challenge


Expensify, a payments superapp that helps individuals and businesses around the world simplify the way they manage money, launched the Expensify Approved Tesla Challenge  to celebrate the new Expensify Free Plan.

To enter the challenge, accountants must be part of the ExpensifyApproved! Accountant Program. Accountants can increase their chances of being selected the winner by assigning activated Expensify Cards to their clients between October 25, 2021 and April 25th, 2022.

“We launched the Free Plan as a solution for millions of small and emerging businesses that need a powerful corporate card and supporting functionality to manage their company spend, but do not require all the bells and whistles of a fully robust expense management system,” says David Barrett, founder and CEO of Expensify. “With the Free Plan, accountants now have a new tool in their arsenal that allows their clients to manage spend efficiently without spending a dime, and we’re excited to get the word out about this new plan in a big way.”

A major feature of the Free Plan is the Expensify Card. The card makes managing small business expenses easy, thanks to market-first daily settlement, Smart Limits, and real time compliance features that enable the highest spend within the safest limits. Additionally, the Expensify Card offers cardholders up to 2% cash back on all Expensify Card purchases through 2021, and up to 1% thereafter.

Other features of the Free Plan include unlimited, free use of Smartscan, invoicing, bill pay, chat-based corporate travel booking, and Next Day ACH reimbursement features. With the Free Plan, small businesses can manage their company spend effortlessly, all for free



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