Real-time communication through integrated video conferencing applications increases safety, efficiency and quality of service. Included functions as Push-to-talk (PTT) are not a new invention and originally come from two-way radio like ‘walkie-talkie’. Today it is used widely in special communications like emergency dispatchers or air traffic controllers who need to talk to many listeners at the same time and profit from the elimination of noise from other participants. Inspired by the walkie talkie type of communication, eyeson integrated this great functionality into its video conference services.

Avoid background noise and have focused meetings

Many times participants have felt the need to minimize the background noise in live video conferences while still being able to ask a question or reply directly without delay. eyeson’s push-to-talk features offer just that. Muted participants who need to make quick comments or questions can find it tricky to quickly unmute themselves. Finding the icon to mute and unmute the microphone is not always a swift move. PTT allows muted participants to temporarily unmute their microphone in an instant by holding down the “m” button on their keyboard. This handy feature has quickly grown in popularity and is being adopted into different solutions.

“Police officers, dispatchers, firefighters, and more are relying on push-to-talk technology when the meeting atmosphere is tense and decisions are critical, so background noise and uncontrolled comments are not acceptable. eyeson supports command and control applications with guided video and audio features, such as push-to-talk, focused speakers and auto-moderation,” says Andreas Kröpfl, CEO of eyeson.

PTT facilitates public safety operations with Drone-based inspections

The current situation of the pandemic and previous disastrous events have highlighted the urgency for effective direct communication via push-to-talk systems among first responders. The adoption of drone technology is growing in many industries enabling technologies like video surveillance, intelligent traffic management, operation control for public safety services as well as video analysis for accurate situational assessment. eyeson works to make group communication more effective as it is of essential importance for mission’s success. Integrating the eyeson API facilitates controlling and assessment through live video while the push-to-talk communication feature reduces background noise. Instantly share circumstances with colleagues, film evidence, help manage resources or help to guide first responders safely with push-to-talk communication.

eyeson is a leader in cloud-based video conferencing with managed multipoint video processing technology at a scale. Based on its patented single stream technology, eyeson provides API video services to easily integrate video collaboration in business workflows for full customer engagement. eyeson is managing the cloud capacity, scalable video coding performance and data management for the customer. Based on WebRTC technology, eyeson provides browser-based video meeting integrations on all desktop and mobile devices


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