Facebook AI software able to dig up origins of deep fake images

Photo by Firmbee.com on Unsplash

Facebook scientists on Wednesday said that promoted artificial talent software program in accordance with no longer solely perceive “deepfake” images however according to determine abroad where they came from.
Deepfakes are photos, movies or audio clips altered using synthetic talent to show up authentic, which specialists bear warned perform deceive then stand absolutely false.

Facebook research scientists Tal Hassner and Xi Yin said their team worked with Michigan State University to create software that reverse engineers deepfake images to figure out how they were made and where they originated.

“Our method will facilitate deepfake detection and tracing in real-world settings, where the deepfake image itself is often the only information detectors have to work with,” the scientists said in a blog post. This work will give researchers and practitioners tools to better investigate incidents of coordinated disinformation using deepfakes, as well as open up new directions for future research,” they added.


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