Preparing for IELTS or Cambridge exams can be very stressful. With an abundance of information that is required to pass the exams, it can sometimes leave students feeling overwhelmed.

However, do not fear. With our comprehensive guide on how to give yourself the best chance at passing the test, we have full faith that you’ll achieve your goal.

Online Tutoring
One of the most efficient methods of learning is being tutored. With either 1 on 1 learning or within a small group, students can focus easily on the material to hand and get fast answers to any questions they have.

When looking for the right English tutoring, be sure to find reputable teachers that will help guide you through everything you need to know without making you more stressed than when you started!

Each student learns differently and at their own pace. A teacher that understands this and adapts to their students is worth holding onto.

If you’re interested in Online English classes, feel free to see what B20 British School has to offer. We have recently ranked the top UK English language school in 2020.

Movies & Shows
To help reinforce what you have learnt, a good way is to watch movies and tv series. Ensure to keep the subtitles on while watching, this way you can digest the spelling and grammar of a sentence to enhance your knowledge of the language.

By consuming different types of movies and services, you can gain a better-rounded approach to English and pick up on different words and phrases that are more accustomed to a particular niche.

Using textbooks designed for the tests you’re looking to take can sometimes be boring and tedious. Although they are a crucial element to your learning, there is only so much information your brain can retain before switching off.

We recommend expanding your reading material to other sources such as magazines, newspapers, blogs and fiction books. This method is similar to watching movies and shows whereby you’re more engaged therefore can learn and enjoy what you’re doing simultaneously.

Word Games
Historically, you would be required to go out to a store and purchase a board game such as scrabble. Thankfully, in the internet era, there are many resources available to you that can help improve your English skills in the form of a game.

By tricking your mind while playing an interactive game, you will subconsciously pick up on all the information presented to you while you focus on the fun part.

Recording Yourself Speaking
Lastly, but still very important is self-reflection learning. This may sound like one method you would want to avoid due to its embarrassing nature, however, it has proven to get great results.

Through talking and listening back, you can pick up on the little mistakes made when practising verbally. Keep going so you can correct the errors until you’re speaking fluently.


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