World AI Show – Malaysia

The potential of AI is far from being fully exploited thus making now the best time for Malaysia to sprint to the front of the race. This is an unprecedented opportunity that pushes an agenda of #AIForAll Malaysians as we bring AI which is affordable for businesses across. What Is World AI Show? A virtual […]

Facebook AI software able to dig up origins of deep fake images

Facebook scientists on Wednesday said that promoted artificial talent software program in accordance with no longer solely perceive “deepfake” images however according to determine abroad where they came from.Deepfakes are photos, movies or audio clips altered using synthetic talent to show up authentic, which specialists bear warned perform deceive then stand absolutely false. Facebook research […]


Preparing for IELTS or Cambridge exams can be very stressful. With an abundance of information that is required to pass the exams, it can sometimes leave students feeling overwhelmed. However, do not fear. With our comprehensive guide on how to give yourself the best chance at passing the test, we have full faith that you’ll […]