Lifescale Analytics influences power industry with the open source solution

 Lifescale Analytics Inc.(LSA) is a Woman Owned Small Business with years of experience providing expertise in a spectrum of customized consulting data services and solutions, including Data Science and Visualizations, Cloud and Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Engineering, and Geospatial solutions that focus on building strong portfolios and programs. LSA is making a dramatic impact on the power industry with their open-source solution,The Fault Trace Tool (FTT). The Fault Trace Tool is a Web Based mapping and API (application programming interface) solution that helps companies in the power industry identify the fault locations of lightning strikes and other operations data in a power system.

Lifescale Analytics clients have been impressed by the added visibility the Fault Trace Tool map provides a visual snapshot of the fault location(s), lightning in the area, status of fault indicators, and enables them to visually analyze the fault information in real-time. The FTT facilitates a sizeable reduction in outage times, increasing productivity during unplanned outages, enabling energy providers to get to the root cause analysis faster and has improved the system reliability (SAIDI).

Image:Lifescale Analytics Source

The Fault Trace Tool integrates with ESRI, Vaisala, openXDA and eDNA in order to provide a superior user experience. FTT will continue to make a significant impact on the power industry. Lifescale Analytics understands that not every power company is the same operationally. In order to explore all the possibilities of the entire solution, Lifescale Analytics offers advanced Fault Trace Tool services to ensure reduction in outage times.



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