MetaDex to be the Gateway to USD 5 Trillion


MetaDex, the soon-to-be-launched Metaverse investment platform, is poised to become the most significant entry point for anyone interested in quickly becoming a part of the Metaverse world. Metaverse, as known, is supposed to be the next evolution of the internet. This online virtual space will be where the world will conduct their lives in an ever-expanding and highly immersive way. Built on blockchain and powered by a unique DAO and DeFi, MetaDex will be the go-to place to invest in the different Metaverses of today’s time.

Metaverse world

In the Metaverse world, from buying NFTs to trading various things, one can do all kinds of transactions using different cryptocurrencies. Each Metaverse out there today has its cryptocurrency. All these cryptocurrencies will be tricky for anyone interested in more than one Metaverse world. However, MetaDex will solve this problem with ease.

With MetaDex, one can invest in various Metaverses using a single token, METADEX. It is the proposed cryptocurrency of the MetaDex platform. Built harnessing the power of Polygon, the blockchain known for its higher transactional speeds and cheaper gas fees, METADEX will save investors more money with each transaction. At the same time, they can enjoy investing in the top-most Metaverses by being on just one platform of MetaDex.

The DAO controlling MetaDex will ensure that all the Metaverse projects on the platform are properly vetted and tested. It will provide higher bankability. As an investor and community member on MetaDex, one is also naturally safeguarded against market volatilities. On MetaDex, Investors’ hard-earned money never gets tied to ‘a’ Metaverse but a basket of different and top Metaverse opportunities. It lowers the risk factor by a large margin.

Reputational Ranking is another unique feature of MetaDex, which is nothing short of a feather in the cap. It will bridge the gap between small and big investors by attributing more importance to the amount of activity performed on the platform. It is a game changer of a feature that cannot be found in most other DAOs of today. So, suppose a MetaDex community member constantly adds value to the network by participating in various activities, for example, voting. They are bound to be highly valued within the community irrespective of the tokens they possess on the platform.

For those who are unaware, Metaverse as an industry is going to be HUGE. In 2021, it was valued at USD 38 billion, a considerable number. However, experts believe that within the next 7 or 8 years, the size of the Metaverse industry will quickly reach a whopping USD 5 trillion. One can see the signs of this fact-based assumption becoming the truth when the most prominent corporate names are jumping into the Metaverse world. From JP Morgan to Nike, McDonald’s to Gucci – today’s most well-known brands from different industries have already started working on being a part of the Metaverse boom.

Anyone can now become a part of this worldwide movement, a shift towards adopting the Metaverse way of things by joining MetaDex early on. As of today, MetaDex has partnered with Mainston, the acclaimed blockchain solutions company behind the utility token STON, and introduced a pre-launch contest of a sort. It gives one an early entry into the MetaDex platform, which is expected to be launched by Nov 2022. To participate, one must buy as many STONs as possible and stake them until the end of the contest. The more STONs one bets, the greater their chances of receiving multiple airdrops with the METADEX token. Participants will also get to own one of the three unique NFT cards that will be minted by Mainston exclusively for this contest around the launch of MetaDex. These one-of-a-kind NFTs, called the MetaSTON NFT, will be the only ones as they will never be minted again after this. It will make these NFTs precious and one of the most excellent investments ever. 



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