Metal Pay unveils digital wealth-payment services in Europe, to expand to 30 markets

Metallicus, a leader in digital asset technology, recently announced the expansion of its Metal Pay product to the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA).

Industry sources added that Metal Pay is a simple, secure, and free finance app that allows you to buy and sell over 65 cryptocurrencies and link them directly to your cash balance. Metal Pay users’ balances in the United States are insured by the FDIC, and the expansion to Europe will provide equivalent collateral through protection at an EEA-licensed financial institution.

Marshall Hayner, co-founder, and CEO of Metallicus: – Image Source

Marshall Hayner, co-founder, and CEO of Metallicus stated “We’ve heard from people across Europe that they wish we could put Metal Pay into their hands – and I’m thrilled that we’ve achieved that. We believe in it that ease of use, security, and compliance will significantly increase the everyday use of digital assets and unleash the transformative potential of these technologies for everyone – from consumers to fintech and financial institutions.”

Launching the Metal Pay wallet in Europe is a natural next step for the San Francisco-based company. This year alone, Metallicus has partnered with London -based Railsbank on its European launch, and initiated several other partnerships in the EU and US to increase value for banks, businesses, and consumers. The company is fully compliant and authorized and plans further expansion into additional European countries, Australia and Asia.

Key features of Metal Pay in Europe comprise of

Procurement and sell crypto, deposit paychecks directly, and pay bills.

0% fees on USDC purchases.

Cash wallets with unique account and routing numbers.

Services are enabled by an EMI license in Lithuania and a VASP license in Estonia User’s e-money is protected with EEA authorized credit institution or Bank of Lithuania.



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