Coretec Group raises awareness on Endurion battery program

The Coretec Group, Inc. – developer of silicon anode for lithium-ion batteries, engineered silicon, and 3D volumetric displays – is embarking on this summer Events for the automotive, electric vehicle, and battery industries to discuss how its Endurion battery program can drive the electrification of transportation and increase battery efficiency across industries. Coretec Group added […]

Energy Dome unveils global long-term energy storage plant powered by a CO2 battery

Energy Dome, a leading provider of utility-scale long-term energy storage capacity, today announced the successful launch of its first CO2 battery power plant on the Italian island of Sardinia. This milestone tells us that the final risks of CO2 battery technology have been staved off, as Energy Dome enters its commercial scale-up phase and becomes […]

Metal Pay unveils digital wealth-payment services in Europe, to expand to 30 markets

Metallicus, a leader in digital asset technology, recently announced the expansion of its Metal Pay product to the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA). Industry sources added that Metal Pay is a simple, secure, and free finance app that allows you to buy and sell over 65 cryptocurrencies and link them directly to […]

Alan NG appointed New Head of SME Banking at HSBC Singapore

HSBC Singapore announced recently the appointment of Alan NG as the new Head of Business, SME Banking, the HSBC’s specialist coverage division supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Alan Ng has 15 years of expertise and he will be assuming a new role as head of business banking at financial services firm, HSBC Singapore, where […]

Temasek unveils new investment firm to boost global decarbonization drive

Temasek, recently unveiled GenZero, an investment firm that is focused on boosting the decarbonization solutions globally. This drive is in line with the urgent drive of the hour that is the ongoing climatic crisis. GenZero is an exclusively-owned investment platform firm, that aims to focus on decarbonization solutions with its ability to deploy flexible and […]