Mobily builds up new partnerships at closing of LEAP 2023

At the wrapping up of LEAP 2023, Mobily has unveiled the latest series of agreements and partnerships across a wide range of technology fields, including cloud centers, digitalization, and cybersecurity as well as presenting their Digital Hub initiative.

Industry sources added that the core highlights on day four for Mobily are announcements of new Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with global companies like Tata Consulting Services, Cisco AWS, and many more.

It also confirmed that thousands of delegates, experts, and industry leaders attended the last day of the Kingdom’s mega-event, which envisioned the future of technology and offered a platform for new products and solutions.

Digital Hub initiative

During the conference, Mobily presented its Digital Hub initiative, which enhances the Kingdom’s position as the first regional hub. The center also includes an integrated system of submarine cables that connect the world from east to west, in addition to Terrestrial networks, data centers, landing stations, and the JED1 IX International Neutral Internet Exchange in partnership with Equinix.

M. Thamer Al-Fadda, Senior Vice President, Wholesale and Carrier Services at Mobily

M. Thamer Al-Fadda, Senior Vice President, Wholesale and Carrier Services, said: “During the past few days in LEAP, we have signed a number of agreements with our partners, through which we look forward to achieving our goal of enhancing digital infrastructure and improving customer experience. In the carriers and operators’ sector, we have invested to provide a diversified portfolio of services and solutions for expanding the local and international infrastructure. In addition to building new partnerships to achieve sustainable growth in the communications and information technology sector.”


Industry sources further confirmed that Mobily has also inked a new 3-year-long collaboration with Cisco Systems Company to leverage the latter’s managed Security Services to cement the company’s infrastructure and offering. The agreement aims to maximize Mobily’s cybersecurity capabilities through enhanced monitoring and incident response, in addition to deploying cybersecurity content and platform management and threat Hunting solutions as well as identity and access management and Cybersecurity Infrastructure Management, which will all further accelerate the company’s operational excellence.

Bader Alasoos, SVP, Mobily Cybersecurity department

Commenting on the agreement, Bader Alasoos, SVP, of Mobily Cybersecurity department, stated: “Mobily Cybersecurity department with Cisco Systems team have jointly worked on developing state of the art SOC services model, leveraging latest in technology and internally developed security content and best practices. The Security Operations delivery model caters to Mobily infrastructure growth and addresses challenges of Cybersecurity in our strategic IT, cloud, and Telecom ventures aligned with Kingdoms 2030 vision.”

Mohammed Tantawi, General Manager of Cisco Systems

Mohammed Tantawi, General Manager of Cisco Systems, said: “The next 3 years of Mobily and Cisco partnership are filled with exciting new initiatives that will transform Mobily’s Security and detection systems, developing new capabilities that will help early detection and comprehensive response to security incidents, enhance the user experience for corporate and Mobily customers when interacting with digital platforms.”


Industry sources also further confirmed that Tata Consulting Services (TCS) and Mobily signed an agreement, which will see both TCS and Mobily work hand-in-hand to develop a remote center in Jizan. The development of the center will also open up new job opportunities for local Saudi talent and benefit from low attrition, low running costs, and a long-running relationship with the region.

The development of the center will see Mobily becoming an anchor customer with TCS for a fixed committed business. The investment will deploy a Six Sigma process consultant that will further optimize and automate the business process.

Amazon Web Services

Industry sources also added that Mobily has signed an agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to become an Advanced Partner in Saudi Arabia. As part of the agreement, Mobily will establish an AWS Cloud Center of Excellence staffed with AWS-trained and certified Mobily personnel.

The collaboration is in line with Mobily’s aim to accelerate the digitization of the Saudi enterprise market. It includes launching a portfolio of cloud services, such as Edge Cloud solutions, Private 5G, and industry 4.0 solutions, as well as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) services.

Omar Al-Rasheed, Chief Strategy and Digitalization Officer of Mobily

Omar Al-Rasheed, Chief Strategy and Digitalization Officer of Mobily, Said: “Mobily’s partnerships with hyperscalers are essential to move up the ICT value chain and accelerate the journey of enterprise digital transformation. We are excited to collaborate with AWS, which has a wide range of edge services for enterprises, the largest developer community, and the biggest market share in IaaS. Building on both parties’ joint capabilities would indeed unlock new opportunities and possibilities.”


Industry sources further confirmed that Mobily and Redhat have signed an agreement to build a strategic partnership to enhance digital transformation. Through the deal, Mobily will build a horizontal native cloud with a simple architecture that will support 5G functions. This includes 5G SA, vRAN, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.

The cloud system will further accelerate Mobily’s innovations and form the basis for digital transformation with the help of automation, security, and freedom, while also providing flexibility to choose the right technology as required.


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Mobily builds up new partnerships at closing of LEAP 2023


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