Nippon Paint launches COOL-TEC cool coatings


In countries like Singapore, the Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect, a phenomenon where pavements, buildings, and other surfaces in cities absorb and retain heat, is compounded by the warm tropical climate and the heat generated by air-conditioner compressors. These Factors Have contributed to Singapore’s mean surface air temperature increasing at more than double the global average rate. As cited by Singapore Management University climate scientist Winston Chow, “temperatures above 35°CinSingaporewould resulting in an uncomfortable experience for humans and even our native flora and fauna”. If left unchecked, the temperature in Singapore will continue to rise and cause severe public health.

Nippon Paints COOL-TEC cool coating ranges affirms that the brand has anticipated and fulfilled this market need to combat rising temperatures, underscoring the brand’s leading role in offering innovative functional paints and coatings. Nippon Paint’s COOL-TEC range is stated to be Singapore’s first complete range of cooling coatings for exterior walls, roofs and roads. Paints in the COOL-TEC range adopt innovative solar reflective technology that reflects solar radiation and emission on the painted surfaces back into the atmosphere without warming the surrounding air. 

Nippon Paint has infused optimisation of its products, for. e.g. It’s important to have waterproofing properties for roof coating and non-slip properties for roads. Nippon Paint’s COOL-TEC cool coatings are fast-drying, easy to apply, environmentally friendly, low-odour and non-toxic.

Nippon Paint’s COOL-TEC cool coatings have been shown to reduce roofs’ surface temperatures by up to 22°C, external walls’ surface temperatures by up to 2°C, androads’ surface temperatures by up to 9°C. When applied as a total cool coating system,it is observed to derive a cooler air temperature of 2.49°C.What this cooler air temperature translates to is a wide range of inter-connected benefits including cooler indoor temperatures(decreased reliance on air conditioners,thus more energy savings), improved occupant comfort, and lowered carbon emissions. It is also declared to be in line with Singapore Green Plan 2030 to reduce carbon emissions.One could deduce that when Nippon Paint’s COOL-TEC cool coatings are applied on a larger scale, more people in the community can enjoy the improved thermal comfort.

To date, Nippon Paints COOL-TEC cool coatings range has been successfully applied on a number of public, residential, commercial and industrial buildings. The COOL-TEC cool coating range comprises SolaReflect, an acrylic-based cool paint for exterior walls; SolaReflect Si, a silicon-based pool paint for exterior walls; SolaReflectRoof-Seal Waterproofing; and SolaReflectCoolFloor, a multi-part coating system for exterior roads and pavements. This states to Complement Nippon Paint’s existing offerings of first-in-market products that have transformed consumer mindsets and radically raised the bar of the paint industry. These include Nippon Paint VirusGuard+, Singapore’s first antiviral paint, and MozzieGuard, the market’s first anti-Aedes Mosquito paint.

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