SeedBrite Venture’s Seedcraft Revolutionize RIAs For Easy Access To VCs

SeedBrite with the launch of Seedcraft has Revolutionized the Landscape: RIAs Now Have the Power to Co-create Exclusive, Tailored Venture Portfolios
Seedbrite Launches Seedcraft-Image Credit:- SeedBrite

SeedBrite Ventures, a pioneer in Venture collaboration, recently announced the launching of Seedcraft. Industry sources added that this innovative platform is designed to empower small and mid-sized Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) with unparalleled access to the venture capital (VCs) asset class.

Industry sources further confirmed that Seedbrite Ventures’ uncompromising standards are the foundation of Seedcraft’s strength. The meticulous pre-screening process ensures that only the top-tier venture managers grace the platform. As RIAs craft the best venture stories, Seedbrite’s seasoned legal and operations teams adeptly handle all legalities, fund creation, and administration.

Seedcraft offers RIAs the unique opportunity to co-curate their very own “white label” funds, collaborating with a curated selection of leading early-stage venture managers. The platform stands as not just a tool, but an opportunity, a statement, and the future of venture capital access.

“Our vision with Seedcraft is to demystify venture capital access for RIAs,” states Mike Hubert, CIO of Seedbrite Ventures. “We’re not just launching a platform; we’re forging a pathway for a more inclusive venture capital landscape.”

The primary aim of Seedcraft is to let RIAs focus on what they excel at: precision allocation. The platform amplifies this by enabling RIAs to design and present venture portfolios exclusively tailored to their client’s needs. Furthermore, each fund resonates with the personal branding touch of the RIA, ensuring their identities shine through in the ventures they support.


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