SkyDrive inks a pre-order agreement with Bravo Air

Arnaud Coville, Chief Development Officer of SkyDrive on the left and Dann Standard, Operations of Bravo Air on the right.

SkyDrive Inc. (“SkyDrive”) a Japanese eVTOL aircraft (*1) manufacturer, and Bravo Air, a well-established private air charter service operator based in Augusta, GA, USA, have signed a letter of intent for the purchase of up to (5) “SD-05 “SKYDRIVE” (*2) aircraft. The agreement also includes the formation of a “Partnership” to conduct joint studies in […]

CES 2022: SkyDrive unveils ultra-light & compact flying machine

At CES 2022 (Jan. 5-7), SkyDrive a Tokyo-based aero tech startup unveiled its ultra-light and compact flying vehicle, Model SD-03, that had completed testing for piloted flight. It is the first time for the company to showcase its full-scale SD-03 in countries other than Japan. SkyDrive’s flying car is designed to vertically take off and […]