The E-Commerce’s New normal is when the Group Buying sets to get re-emerge


Amidst the upsurge as witnessed within the Pandemic-impacted E-Commerce as well as the paradigm shift within the client behaviour, the Group buying trend is all set to get back on the track.

With ample support garnered with robust logistics infrastructure as well as online brand presence, it is gradually becoming the “new normal”, with group procurement witnessing a huge peak up than ever before.

Group buying is the re-emerging inclination swift movement, wherein a cluster of individuals within the identical neighbourhood or community will procure merchandize in bulk, taking lead of discounts based on the overall number of collective procurements. The entity which arranges the group procurement and distributes the merchandize then obtains a commission.

The business model has been initially utilized in China, as clients tapped into the WeChat Mini Agendas and WeChat groups upon directing procurements. The public leaders handle last-mile delivery, acquire latest clients, and coordinate procurements. They are then provided 8 to 10% commission on average.

WEBUY co-founder Vincent Xue objectives are to fetch the model to Southeast Asia’s food and beverage (F&B) E-commerce segment. The social e-commerce podium provides access to both merchants and clients a prospect to provide foundation for and provide novel F&B items, while also serving businesses progression, he says.

In Singapore, few of the group procuring is now being synchronized over WhatsApp, and the most mutual list of merchandize in demand includes fresh produce, condiments, dried goods, and meat.

With the enough upsurge of e-commerce platforms and diversified client behaviours brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, group procurement has in progress to recuperate traction amongst clients.

The podium currently provisions 3,000 group leaders and 100,000 clients across Singapore, Malaysia, as well as in Indonesia.

Priorly, in February the preceding year, online retailer also tossed its community group buying business Friends Shop. The business has teamed up with native markets as well as the marketing organizations to procurement of the grocery merchandize and other everyday supplies, with its workforce packing the products based on options picked by clients.

It assisted around 200 suburban compounds in Wuhan, China, during that city’s strict virus-related lockdown.

The outburst has paved the pathway for such innovations, boost on added security dealings, convenience, and a transformed sense of community in few parts of Asia.

According to Rakuten Advertising’s recent consumer study “The Road to Recovery: 2020’s Shopping Peaks Re-Imagined,” 47% of Singaporeans planned to take chance with their networks and family for holiday spending inspiration over the cease of 2020 season, which elucidates the effects of and possible prospects from group procurement.

Retailers can utilize this prospect to combine their clients much easier, with group procurement leaders focussing on coordinating purchases. However, they require to comprehend shifting client behaviours initially before implementing the model in their businesses.

Attainment of the clients in groups is also much more opportune due to social media. The Rakuten report recommends on investing in low-risk upper funnel strategies that engage customers, including social media advertising.

“Utilization of the data-led pointing capabilities to attain the clients with relevant, engaging and timely ads on the platforms that align with brand values,” the report reads.

According to the report, brands can leverage on the agility of performance channels to test new technologies and partners, which includes employing mobile strategies and dynamic commissioning technology.


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