Tigo Energy, QC Solar Partnership extend leadership via fast shutdown tech

Tigo Energy, Inc. a leading supplier of flexible component-level power electronic equipment (Flex MLPE) to the solar industry, announced recently that it has entered a partnership with Suzhou Quike Photovoltaic Electronics Co., Ltd. Ltd. (QC Solar) and that with a commercial technology licensing agreement.

Tigo’s Photovoltaic Inverters

Tigo Energy further added that Kuaco Photovoltaics is a leading manufacturer of solar photovoltaic (PV) connectors and junction box products for photovoltaic components, headquartered in Suzhou, China. The licensing agreement enables Kucoco to use Tigo RSS technology in its products and take advantage of its compatibility with other Tigo components.

According to the industry sources, this agreement will aid in Kuco Solar leveraging and integrating the Tigo RSS technology with its smart junction box to provide a core safety mechanism for solar elements to mitigate hazards to solar installers and first responders. Additionally, post the deployment of the latest smart junction box of Kuco Solar, clients can deploy Tigo RSS transmitters that comply with rapid shutdown regulations and requirements.

Duan Zhenggang, General Manager of Kuike Photovoltaics, stated: “With Tigo’s component-level rapid shutdown technology, we will ensure that our customers’ solar systems will automatically reduce system voltage in the event of a major event such as a building fire, allowing firefighters to confidently deploy Firefighting. We look forward to commercializing and commercializing our quick-shutdown smart junction box utilizing our licensed Tigo technology. This is an important step toward protecting solar power plants around the world.”

Zvi Alon, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Tigo Energy, said: “This technology licensing contract with Kuike Solar once again demonstrates the strength of Tigo’s intellectual property portfolio. We warmly welcome Kuike Photovoltaic to join the community of diverse companies who utilize We have a quick shutdown system to ensure solar safety and look forward to providing our customers with a technology product that is broadly compatible with Tigo’s innovations.”

Tigo Energy further claimed that its swifter shutdown technology keeps system owners, firefighters, and first responders safe from HVDC damage from solar modules while they work. Ensuring the safety of solar photovoltaics is an internationally recognized need, with rapid shutdown specifications such as those pioneered in the United States being adopted more recently in the Philippines, Thailand, and Singapore, as well as many other countries that are actively evaluating similar regulations.



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