Vertiv Introduces 230V NetSure Inverter Series

Vertiv , a global provider of critical digital infrastructure and continuity solutions,  Introduced the Vertiv  NetSure Inverter series, a space-saving system that powers AC and DC loads in a single sub-rack with a common battery bank. The system provides DC and AC power from a common platform using a single control unit, eliminating the need for separate controllers for the DC power system and the inverter. The 230 VAC system is available today in Asia, EMEA and Latin America, and a 120 VAC system will be available in the Americas in early 2022. 

Building on Vertiv’s long history and broad portfolio of both AC and DC power solutions, the NetSure Inverter series is a fully integrated system comprised of an AC and DC distribution panel, NetSure™ Control Unit, and eSure™ rectifiers and inverters. Working in concert, the system provides zero transfer time between AC mains and DC battery sources, delivering extremely reliable backup for critical loads. The NetSure inverter module has the industry’s best power density in its class at 23 watts per cubic inch (1.4W/cm3) and leverages that in a compact footprint to deliver peak efficiency of up to 96.3%. The module is hardened for the high-temperature environments up to 80 degrees Celsius where it will be deployed routinely, specifically those in the telecommunications access space and at the edge of the network.  

“As 5G adoption expands and more computing is introduced into traditional DC-powered environments, including access sites and edge deployments, the need to reliably and efficiently manage both AC and DC loads increases,” said Henrik Nilén, director of global DC power offerings for Vertiv. “For the growing number of edge sites, availability is key and space is precious. With a single battery bank supporting both AC and DC loads and market-leading inverter module power density, the Vertiv™ NetSure™ Inverter system will optimize space and enable outstanding site availability.” 

With a single control system, the NetSure Inverter series requires no additional training for network operators and no investment in additional controls, while eliminating equipment and reducing maintenance costs. By providing clear visibility into both AC and DC loads, it enables more accurate capacity planning and management, and maximum availability.   

For existing DC power sites, a NetSure Inverter system add-on cassette is available, with complete front access, including three inverter modules, AC distribution and a control unit – all in a 1U high, 19-inch wide sub-rack.  

Vertiv has a long history in both AC and DC power, with broad portfolios of AC-powered IT infrastructure solutions and DC-powered telecom infrastructure solutions. That deep expertise was critical to the development of the NetSure Inverter Series and the industry’s most power dense inverter module

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