Aspen Technology enters into a partnership with OMV Group

AspenTech President and CEO Antonio Pietri (l) and OMV Group’s SVP Michael Sattler
AspenTech President and CEO Antonio Pietri (l) and OMV Group’s SVP Michael Sattler

Aspen Technology, Inc., a global leader in industrial software, yesterday announced a newly expanded relationship with OMV Group to help accelerate the international integrated oil and gas company’s energy transition initiatives and its path to achieving net zero targets.

The selection of AspenTech as its strategic innovation partner is the culmination of a long-term relationship dating back more than two decades and will enable OMV to achieve greater levels of integration between its solutions and business processes in the supply chain and production domains. The first stage joint digital initiatives will focus on renewables optimization, unlocking industrial data, and developing a simplified integration across the company’s supply chain.

“OMV continues its forward-thinking approach to digitalization solutions to help optimize and improve the way it operates,” said Michael Sattler, Senior Vice President, Value Chain Optimization at OMV Group. “We aim to become a net zero business by 2050, to accelerate the energy transition, and to proactively expedite the transition from a linear to a circular economy. To do that we need to build positive and proactive relationships, maintain our agility, and be able to effectively respond to market volatility and demand. Working with AspenTech gives OMV the best chance to unlock its potential at a rapid pace.”

Aspen Technology

Antonio Pietri, President and CEO at Aspen Technology said, “This strategic relationship with OMV, built on many years of trust and thought leadership, demonstrates the importance of technology innovators working together to address the biggest challenges in ensuring a sustainable future. It further underscores the role advanced digital technologies can play in helping industry leaders like OMV meet their net zero targets. Our mutual objectives for working together in close collaboration are to rapidly evaluate potential opportunities and new innovative solutions that mitigate carbon footprints while ensuring profitability.”

OMV is among thousands of customers in asset-intensive industries partnering with AspenTech to accelerate their net zero initiatives. They rely on AspenTech’s world-class software solutions to optimize the performance of their operations while making them more sustainable. For more information about OMV and AspenTech solutions, visit the following resources.


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