Citi, J.P. Morgan, and Access Fintech accomplishes Operational Competence

AccessFintech, a leading fintech company evolving the financial operating model through data and workflow collaboration on its Synergy Network, announces that its 12-month collaboration with Citi and J.P. Morgan has achieved significant operational efficiency enhancements based on internal reviews. AccessFintech’s interbank sharing and pairing functionality enable users to access cross-market data in real-time.

Citi and J.P. Morgan have accomplished an analysis of performance improvements achieved over the past 12 months due to the real-time data and workflow collaboration made possible by using the Synergy Network. Their initiatives focused on securities settlements between the two dealers, with specific emphasis on European markets as a prelude to the recently implemented CSDR regulation.

Their calculations display that continuous access to enriched and linked real-time data resulted in a 30% reduction in trade fails and an average of 76% reduction in email traffic for operational processes for trades between Citi and J.P. Morgan across securities asset classes over this period.

Roy Saadon, CEO of AccessFintech

Roy Saadon, CEO of AccessFintech, stated: “The Synergy Network has surpassed critical mass in both the number of its participants and available transaction volume. Our forward-thinking partners recognize that having a data and workflow normalization and collaboration strategy is critical, particularly as the industry adapts to CSDR regulation and the impending move to T+1 settlement. They have the foresight and client focus to see the benefits of having a meaningful increase in the number of Synergy participants, which now enables dramatically bigger cost, capital, and operational savings.”

Tony Vazquez, Global Head of Securities Settlements for Citi, commented: “We are constantly looking for ways to improve our operations and technology through innovation, and using the Synergy Network has allowed us to integrate into one solutions-oriented resource, resulting in more efficiencies for our colleagues and clients. AccessFintech’s Synergy Network provides streamlined, automated, and flexible services that have helped us reduce the time spent on emails and operational processes and optimize the time working on securities settlements.”

Tom Damico, Head of Global Equity Operations at J.P. Morgan, stated: “This test period has demonstrated that enhanced data collaboration and shared workflows enable us to create a more efficient operating model with a significant reduction in the number of exceptions and follow-up emails. We continue to invest in and improve our securities platform to further optimize and streamline processes. We are pleased to be working with AccessFintech’s Synergy to support these improvements, having helped establish a network of connected participants who effectively collaborate on data and workflow.”

Industry sources added that AccessFintech launched the Synergy Network three years ago and has worked with both Citi and J.P. Morgan to establish an ecosystem of connected firms including buy-side, sell-side, custodians, and vendors. Both institutions are addressing the industry-wide challenge of reducing fails with rapid investigation times and are achieving results using predictive analysis during the pre-settlement transaction window.

Industry sources further explained that with the Synergy Network’s pairing logic, users can view cross-market mismatches side-by-side and act directly within a single user interface. This addresses transaction cost compression, elimination of capital requirements and lack of return on investment.



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