FBS’s Perspectives and Insights on Forex Brokers, IB Programs, and Client Support


Global broker FBS shares its perspective on online trading regulation, preliminary trading conditions, multidimensional client support, and opportunities for additional capital building.

In the trading industry, FBS has established itself as one of the leaders, with over 27 million traders from more than 150 countries. The deep expertise and strong understanding of clients’ needs acquired during 14 years in the market have shaped clear and precise ideas about the preliminary actions a large international company should do to succeed to stay on top of traders’ choices.

Regulation and security

The recognition by regulators is crucial to a broker’s ability to provide safety measures and prove itself as a reliable financial partner. Offering multiple global regulations under licenses such as CySEC, FSC Belize, and ASIC, FBS ensures a secure and trustworthy trading environment.

Trading conditions and opportunities

FBS provides its clients with trading conditions that create a positive environment for confident market exploration. The twenty-seven million broker community points out several beneficial trading offers that have led these clients to choose FBS. An extensive selection of over 550 trading instruments, more than 200 payment methods, and high leverage reaching up to 1:3000 open up more trading opportunities, allowing traders to diversify their portfolios and minimize risks.

Introducing Broker program

To further its development, a company needs to propose something more significant to experienced traders and loyal clients. For example, a partnering program where a company shares a present from particular trades with its partners. The FBS Introducing Broker Program goes beyond this exceptional avenue and offers its partners one of the most appealing offers on the market – 43% of the spread from every trade of FBS partner’s client.


Trader training and support

Considering the industry and its risks, FBS is equally interested in holding on to its clients as well as nurturing and educating them. As a result, it becomes a win-win situation for both sides – traders earn on successful deals, and the broker grows its share of the market. FBS recognizes that successful trading goes beyond favorable market conditions. Constantly enhancing knowledge and skills might significantly reduce the chances of losses and turn unfavorable market conditions in your favor. That’s why FBS has established various educational projects to enhance its traders’ knowledge and skills.

From trade ideas, market updates, and signals to live trading sessions, webinars, and courses, everything is accessible and available on multiple platforms like Telegram, YouTube, the website, and personal areas. Along with constant educational assistance from market experts, FBS’s clients receive support at every step. The multilingual company’s customer support is available 24/7, ready to help with any issue quickly.



The future of trading lies in embracing a comprehensive strategy that surpasses basic transactional services. By cultivating the growth and success of its trading community and becoming a beacon of trust and support, a broker may consider its success in the industry.

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