Legitify enters into a partnership with Scrive to offer electronic notarisation

Legitify Partners with Scrive to Offer Electronic Notarisation Services
Legitify Partners with Scrive to Offer Electronic Notarisation Services

Legitify, a leading European remote online notarisation solution has entered into a partnership with Scrive, to offer electronic notarisation to Legitify’s customers. As pioneers in online notarisation and e-signature solutions respectively, Legitify and Scrive are joining forces to streamline and enhance electronic notarisation processes for companies and individuals.

Legitify is integrating with Scrive to offer electronic notarisation on the solution. This allows notaries on the platform to use QES (Qualified Electronic Signatures) to perform online electronic notarisations for Legitify’s customers. Founded in 2020 in Stockholm with the vision of transforming and streamlining the notarisation process, Legitify has rapidly digitalised the service, making it quicker, easier, and accessible to a broad audience. To date Legitify has rendered services to over 1132 customers across different sectors such as: financial services, banking, legal services, real estate, professional services, maritime transportation, healthcare etc. Additionally, recently it secured a €1.5M investment round which will help it fuel its next stage of growth.

As the regulatory landscape keeps changing and more countries embrace digitalization and electronic notarisation, Legitify is keen to provide electronic notary service to its customer base and elevate their experience on the platform. Legitify’s mission has always been to simplify and streamline the notarisation experience for both customers and notaries by building a user-friendly intuitive solution, which makes notarisation processes smoother, eliminates geographic barriers and ensures compliance with regulatory standards.

Legitify and Scrive

Transforming Notarisation

The partnership with Scrive represents an important milestone for our customers and notaries. By seamlessly integrating Scrive’s esteemed e-signature functionality, including QES (Qualified Electronic Signature), into Legitify’s platform, we’re fundamentally redefining the notarisation experience for customers who need electronically notarised documents. Empowering users to securely notarise documents electronically with QES enhances the efficiency and integrity of our notarisation process, setting a new standard of security and compliance.

Key Benefits of the Partnership:

  • Enhanced Security and Integrity: By integrating with Scrive’s e-signature and QES solutions, the latter powered by Swisscom, Legitify allows for notaries and their customers to carry out remote electronic versions of notarisation instead of in-person processes. This allows us to implement KBA based security features, which is more reliable than that of traditional notarisations, where document integrity can be harder to maintain over time.
  • Streamlined Processes: Remote notarisation, powered by electronic notarisations and e-signing, eliminates many of the logistical challenges and inefficiencies associated with traditional notarisation. Documents can be signed and notarised in a fraction of the time, accelerating transaction timelines across various industries.
  • Better Record Keeping and Compliance: Legitify allows for timeline-based record keeping and audit trail for all transactions. This enhanced record-keeping facilitates compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, simplifies auditing processes, and provides a clear, immutable record of transactions.

Aida Lutaj,Co-Founder & CEO of Legitify, emphasises the significance of enabling electronic notarisation: “With the changing regulatory landscape and increasing digitalisation (more countries are updating their laws to allow for electronic notarisations) across the EU, UK and beyond, this partnership with Scrive couldn’t have come at a better time. Improving customer experiences and growing our product offering to better service our customers, has always been our priority.”

Arko Ganguli, Co-Founder & CPO of Legitify, expresses his enthusiasm about the partnership: “Through this collaboration, we aim to elevate the customer experience and pave the way for future business expansion. Our users can now enjoy unparalleled ease and security in their transactions.”

Mads Rebsdorf, CEO of Scrive says: “As more countries continue to embrace the digitalisation of their legal processes, we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Legitify, a digital notarisation platform that’s the first of its kind in the EU, UK and other global markets. By combining the power of our e-signature solutions with their innovative digital notarisation platform, we’re not just saving time and money for our customers, but we’re also enhancing security and accessibility in the notarisation process. This partnership marks yet another step forward in our mission to empower businesses around the world with seamless, efficient, and legally-binding document workflows.”

Shaping the Future of Notarisation

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, Legitify and Scrive are leading the way forward. Our partnership represents more than just a collaboration; it is a testament to our shared vision of simplifying and securing notarisation processes for global customers. By harnessing the power of technology, Legitify and Scrive together are committed to empowering customers to navigate the complexities around document notarisation with ease and confidence.


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