ShopMe launches self-checkout at the Westfield Mall of Netherlands with De Pindakaaswinkel

ShopMe, the self-checkout app for shoppers, announced that it will officially launch in collaboration with De Pindakaaswinkel in Westfield Mall of the Netherlands.

Standing in line at a store isn’t the best way to spend your Saturday afternoon, everyone knows that.
Imagine you are in a mall or in the city with your family and everyone is excited to finally be able to go out together. Your partner needs new clothes, your son wants to buy new books, your daughter wants new toys, and you are eager to buy a new sofa. The problem is that everyone else wants to do the same thing, at the same place and on the same day!

“During the weekend, people can wait in line for 15 to 20 minutes to pay. Multiply that by the number of family members  and you can easily spend a lot of time waiting.” says Jerome Ibanez, the Founder of ShopMe.

Being able to scan the barcodes of the items you want to buy in a store with your phone is already common in grocery shopping, but Jerome believes the potential for that goes beyond supermarkets and convenience stores.

“In the Philippines, we have a big shopping mall culture”, says Jerome. “I can’t remember a week when we didn’t go to our local mall. What I do remember vividly, however, is that every Sunday I always stood in line because all the stores were overcrowded,” he added.

Safe and Fast

Shopping at Westfield Mall of the Netherlands is not like going to your typical high street or mall. In this mall, shopping is all about the overall experience. People want a day out. Westfield’s “How We Shop The Next Decade” survey shows a growing demand for contactless shopping experiences.

In addition, retailers want to improve their sales area in the store and contactless payment can contribute to optimizing the retail space. “We are constantly looking for ways to improve the shopping experience for both our retailers and shoppers and we believe ShopMe’s solution fits that purpose,” said Claudia Pascucci, Senior Commercial Partnerships Manager at Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield.

Shopping Experience

If you think queues only affect shoppers, you’re wrong. Queuing is a much bigger problem for retailers. “Waiting in line is never fun for people and it can also lead to a possible missed sale,” says Tsambikos van der Staak, Retail Manager at De Pindakaaswinkel. “Many of our customers enjoy talking to our employees. They want to take the time to taste and try products, but we also know that the rest of our customers have already been in the store and just want to grab the products and pay quickly. ShopMe is perfect for this,” he added.



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