Synergis Software rebrands Adept’s Engineering DMP

Synergis Software, a global leader in document management and workflow solutions, announces rebranding and launch of the new website alongside major investments in product development and customer success. These initiatives will accelerate the delivery of superior products and services to the company’s global customer base.

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“We see tremendous opportunity to have a positive impact on our customers. That’s why we’re making major investments in the business,” stated Scott Lamond, vice president of marketing at Synergis Software. “We want our brand image to be aligned with our mission to transform the way our customers work, providing them with greater visibility, control, alignment, and harmony, in a way that accelerates engineering projects, streamlines operations, reduces risk, and lowers costs.”

The Adept platform is trusted by 120,000 users worldwide, comprising Dow Chemical, Con Edison, Amazon, Merck, and General Mills, and manages over $1 billion in digital assets.

“Adept manages billions of dollars in digital assets containing incalculably valuable Dow intellectual properties, with thousands of users in dozens of locations across the globe,” stated Teresa Yang, product manager, management documents, Dow Chemical.

Synergis also stated that they are committed to accelerating growth and enhancing customer value through substantial investment in their products.

“We are tripling the size of our software development division. By the end of 2022, our headcount will have grown 218% in just two years,” stated Todd Cummings, vice president of R&D at Synergis. “New roles created include Developers, Quality Managers, Product Managers, DevOps, SCRUM Masters, and User Experience, Specialists. Key leadership positions are in place to help us fine-tune processes, tools, and methods we use to generate value faster.”

Synergis also stated they are investing heavily in the Adept platform, including the upcoming release of a new integrated visualization solution for 2D and 3D engineering designs and other document types, as well as significant features and support for new versions of general CAD systems. A new cloud version of Adept is in development for customers looking to reduce IT costs and simplify deployments and upgrades.

“We will continue to build on Synergis Software’s exceptional and caring services, and treat our customers as family,” Lamond added. To this end, Synergis is expanding its customer success team, developing an online “Adept Academy”, and launching three new service options, namely:

Ongoing Technical Consulting – Customers can work one-on-one on a regular basis with an Adept Technical Consultant to improve their Adept environment, streamline processes, eliminate bottlenecks, and increase the value of Adept to their organization. Synergis experts will provide strategic and technical direction for virtually any type of project to help clients achieve their goals.

Remote Adept Administration – Customers can outsource the day-to-day management and administration of Adept to our experienced technical team to allow their resources to stay focused on their core activities. Our managed services will help keep customers’ Adept environments optimized and lower operating costs.

Adept Server Hosting – Customers can outsource the hosting of their entire Adept Server environment to free up IT resources, lower operating costs, and improve security.

Synergis Software’s investments in services and support will help maintain its strong market leadership, as confirmed by the company’s rankings on software review site G2. “None of this would have been possible without 30 years of caring, collaborative and visionary support from our customer community and the people who shaped us,” continues Lamond. “We are grateful for their contribution and look forward to building our future together.”



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