Thundercomm-Pudu Robotics partnership accelerates the Smart Delivery in Hospitality sector

Pudu Robotics, a world benchmark for commercial service robots, recently unveiled two intelligent robots equipped with Thundercomm ‘s advanced SOM (System on Module) based products and technologies. The two robots SwiftBot and PUPU D1 are designed to meet the different needs of serving food in restaurants and delivering goods in different scenarios.

According to Pudu Robotics sources added that the interaction and transport capabilities of serving robots play an increasingly important role in today’s world in order to offer customers a better dining experience, especially during rush hours in restaurants.

Pudu Robotics Smart Delivery Bot Ranges

SwiftBot, the flagship serving robot, perfectly addresses these needs by redefining how robots interact with customers when serving food. Powered by the powerful computing power of Thundercomm’s TurboX C8250 SOM, SwiftBot excels in delivery route visualization, precise reverse steering, and flexible multi-directional dodging, taking food serving efficiency, and customer experience to a new level.

Pudu Robotics has also unveiled the PUPU D1, the first four-legged delivery robot for all delivery scenarios, both indoors and outdoors. PUPU D1 is equipped with TurboX C8250 and C5165, two small-volume intelligent SOMs with excellent HMI and motion control capabilities. Thanks to these advantages, the PUPU D1 can adapt to more complex terrain in different delivery scenarios.

Hiro Cai, CEO of Thundercomm stated: “We are very excited to partner with Pudu Robotics to develop leading-edge delivery robot products and solutions. Thundercomm aims to empower our customers to create competitive and innovative products in the intelligent sector. We anticipate that both Pudu Robotics and Thundercomm will continue to drive technological innovation and bring more excellent products to market to meet the diverse delivery needs of different markets.”



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