VeriPark and FICO partner for advanced digital transformation solutions

L-R: Ozkan Erener, CEO of VeriPark and Alexandre Graff, Vice President of Global Partners & Alliances, FICO

VeriPark and FICO have launched a partnership to revolutionise the financial services sector through AI-driven decision making and digital transformation.

The collaboration between VeriPark, a global provider of innovative digital solutions, and FICO, a renowned analytics software company, could enhance decision-making and promote financial inclusion across Turkey, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and CIS regions.

Combining FICO’s decision automation, optimization and omnichannel communications capabilities with VeriPark’s customer engagement, omni-channel delivery, branch automation and loan origination solutions, the partnership aims to improve customer experience and accelerate digital transformation.

“We are excited to bring FICO’s cutting-edge technology to our region. This collaboration will enhance customer experiences and operational efficiency across the financial services sector. Integrating FICO’s technology with our solutions represents a significant leap forward, ensuring we stay ahead in a rapidly changing environment. We look forward to showcasing our joint success stories soon,” said Ozkan Erener, CEO of VeriPark.

“The combination of FICO and VeriPark’s strengths brings a unique blend of innovation to the market. Our goal is to help build a better society by bringing more people into the banking system, and our partnership with VeriPark is a critical step towards achieving that. FICO has been working with AI since 1992, and we are eager to introduce this long-standing expertise to businesses in this region through our collaboration with VeriPark.” said Alexandre Graff, Vice President of Global Partners & Alliances, FICO.


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